How long does the “average” house take to construct?

Although each and every custom home that we build is unique unto itself, a quality built custom home can take, anywhere from 9 – 12 months to complete from the date of commencement of construction. The actual time to build will vary greatly based on many factors, some of which include: the size of the home, the complexity and detail, the decision making process of the clients, the time of year, etc.

How much does the average new home cost to construct?

This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to accurately answer without properly analyzing the specific house plans, customer requirements and project specifications. Typically this “figure” will be quoted – based on a “price per square foot”. That is – taking the overall costs to construct a new home and dividing it by the overall square footage of the home. Of course, the more that is included in a new home, the greater the cost (per square foot). Conversely, in order to build a new home on a more modest budget, some of the so called “bells and whistles” can not be included, thus limiting the many required choices and selections (of items included in the new home) to items that will much better allow us to meet a more conservative budget. As such, it is difficult (and often somewhat misleading) to really provide a fair number in this regard. Obviously, the sky is the limit when it comes to selections and choices that will all contribute to increased costs. On the other hand, in order to try to bring down the costs, certain things will need to be more prudently selected. Remember, you can only build good quality for so little! Once we meet together and review with you your plans, requirements, specifications and expectations, we will be in a much better position to offer you a fairly realistic price estimate.

What is a “Future Ready – Smart Home?”

We use this term to describe the level of wiring and technology that we include in all of today’s new homes. Typically, almost all of the new homes that we build are “wired, plumbed and fitted” (at least the option to do this is offered) to provide for the present and for the future – as best we can “predict”. The latest in Home Security, Home Automation, Complete Home Sound and Audio, Automatic Lighting Controls, Computerized Home Comfort (Heating, Air-conditioning), Complete Home Water Filtration, Piping for current or future Solar Energy Systems, Geothermal Systems, Electric Car Charging Stations and the list goes on while the options are growing daily. Either way, we will help ensure that you are aware of your many options and ensure that your new home is properly “wired (for now and for the future)” to provide you with the greatest in flexibility – to meet your growing and changing lifestyle needs and requirements.

What kind of Warranty does Trasolini Chetner Construction Corporation offer?

The Trasolini Chetner Construction Corporation is a licensed builder and includes the full New Home Warranty with all of the homes that we build. This warranty coverage is provided by the NATIONAL New Home Warranty company and is in accordance with the Provincial 2/5/10 year new home warranty program. Trasolini Chetner has (and always will) always stood behind all of the projects that we have ever been involved with and will always continue to maintain this important practice.

What about cost “over-runs” and the associated myth?

We very typically use this term in a most cautious manner. As long as we are provided with a proper set of plans, clear and concise specifications, finishing schedules and all other relative and pertinent information (for each specific project), we are able to prepare an accurate budget for any project. As such, the so-called, “cost over-runs” are usually brought on by four main factors: 1) Client changes: changes made to the initial plan or specifications. 2) Clients decisions: this is typically a direct reflection of the level of products (features and fixtures, etc…) that the client chooses for their new home. Based on the ultimate products and features that are chosen – the price (as a direct reflection of the budget and of the allowances) can change (both up and down) based on these decisions. 3) Un-knowns: from time to time, a project will “run-into” what we refer to as un-knowns . These vary greatly (from: finding huge rock boulders in the excavation – buried deep in the ground, unknown (abandoned?) pipe-lines, buried oil-tanks, etc.) and can also have an effect on the initial budget. 4) Industry related price changes: in today’s robust market, prices of materials, fixtures, supplies and labour are ever changing and can (and do) most definitely effect almost every budget.

Budgets and Budgeting – what do you prepare and provide for each project?

Once we are in receipt of the plans and specifications, we very carefully review all of the many various components that make up the requirements of each and every project and prepare, (using our very special and custom developed) our computerized budget analysis for review with the customer. We take great care in this timely and critical budget preparation process, often including well over 100 different price quotes and allowances that will make up each and every detailed and project specific budget. Our specialized budget format is very easy to review, providing much valuable information to both the client and ourselves, and ultimately becomes our “guide” throughout each and every project that we undertake. We are constantly reviewing and updating these budgets in accordance with the progress of the project to ensure that both the requirements and expectations of the client (and of ourselves) are being met.

How do I know that I am getting the “best deal?”

Although we are always “shopping” the market to ensure that we are getting amongst the best value for our dollar (which in turn, means the best value for your dollar), we will not purchase our supplies or services based solely on price. Over the years, we have learned through experience that you usually do “get what you pay for”! That said, we have developed a very valuable and reliable network of both Trades and Suppliers, thus providing us with tremendous purchasing power, which we pass on directly to you – the customer.

What kind of Commercial Construction services work does Trasolini Chetner provide?

Aside from our Residential division, we are also very busy with our commercial construction. We construct many different commercial related projects from restaurants to offices, yoga studios, retail stores, warehouses, coffee shops and bars, hotels, schools, gyms and much more!

What is the difference between the two approaches of “Cost Plus / Open Book vs. Fixed Price?”

Typically, we approach our many different projects using the following two options:

(a) Cost Plus/Open Book: Using this approach, we will prepare a budget for the specific project, include in this budget a pre-determined and fixed management fee and then openly present and share all of these figures with the client. As the project proceeds, the client will pay only for all of the direct costs that are directly associated with their project.

(b) Fixed Price: Using this approach and based on the specific plans and specifications, we will prepare a fixed price for the specific project. Certain allowances will be included and any changes or deviations from the initial “plan” will be individually tracked, monitored and invoiced.